Аляска спорт помада

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18.09.2017 Bryan Omarion

Hahah how do they do this if its not what was being said lol

15.09.2017 Enrique Asensio

The new kid smells like falafel and wants to shave my mustache

13.09.2017 Omni Optometrist

Terraform the planet earth say ola to the santa claus, he s writing on the walls, chalk, open his mouth, ruin his molars he s choking on his cigarettes, ok now you gotta your gun now drinking it, your prana, gonna wanna be heard, you re cutting a deal with your pirahna, oh oh oh, like the wind, i m comin to get you, heard all you only break is what s home and ready spaghetti fire on a table, it s coming to learn how you lie. Make you uncomfortable, your cold parents, but you re no longer mining. Wooh! Phew. It s not your fault, they lied to you you must be able to put food on the table, you get your tonsils out by your own lye chromatic is situational, i don t care at all. I don t. Gotta bear the bread, levy the dead and it s all part of being thin. Wash the bread cause it s cut. Win yer battle. He s cheating! He s cheating! Under the table. That s where all the children went. Holy shit. They were living under a table, living in the united states. The chemistry is fading. You re an inkling, you don t need to fold. You owe them, you owe me, you owe us right there, two blocks from tucans in the home rescue league. You need a word, carrying you when your sisters don t know what you re talking about a dickens moth. But herding the sheep won t hurt. Until your undoing you can t get out of here. Yeah. Her boyfriend is telling you your heart is gonna stop right now in this moment. Long time since you two were around each other and i don t think the government would hurt it. It s up to you. Friend, a soul, when you talk about your future with the football. Not many people know this stuff, burn people. There are a lot of people with bird poop on their front porch step. A target, hold on, a predator, a whole barn. That s a different story, hold on. Bear watching, touching hands, bird poop smeared on their mirror, it s mystical, like ice cream and pop brain walking ontario, your stuff is really good actually, you need a come up, not the other way around. While he has cancer it s ridiculous, he has all these medical bills he has to pay off, and his cancer cells are too tough to get things done. Women butter him up, his cigarette, but quitting cannabalism is a big symbol putting jesus on a bottle, uck! Brand new bottle, coding hesphestus. It s all found at walgreens, i made it up word for word, in the cup cannabalism my grandpa is a hard worker. He s a beetle. We admire him and his credit card. There s a difference. He s a stickler. A minute of mayan cold meat parfait. No dude, i m just gonna, i was just gonna wait until her friends or whatever thought you were sound presents, the nipple, juice. Now i just need to confirm cause his dad, he knows he was disappointed can t stand her. She promised her parents you were creeping on her. At school, watching. . . Eating them. He s a pizza. Martial leaders, where were you guys? How long at school did you go to reading? You are unable to be with it that time. He was given a pillow, he needs his pillow, like he needs his friend. They re different, but they re the same person. Pop, cause you don t know what you re saying. You re a hard headed crook. You are ridiculous, cutting corner stores passive, he doesn t have your genetics. Oh well, touch your soul, you re gonna get it. Copying whatever tells him to do that sacrifice his deli, stop saying that platform junk, it s not smart it s dumb. You re crying. Where are you on tuesday? I have to go to school, and work, and a wedding after . A month anniversary, ooh! Yay! Crystalline undergarments. He has cancer, to a degree. He fancies hurt women, which could get him in trouble cause he s changing water into wine they re gonna come pick you up, to school you up, the word of the wizard at school has me undying urgently wanna see tomorrow? Borrow a trenchcoat, holding a towel i want a lady to hold me, please people writing s good writing down all the things that his mommy would say when he s in trouble

10.09.2017 Ashley None ya

Hadoogan to your face

09.09.2017 Judi O'Regan

How the flying f have they done this xd xd xd! ! ! Sheer brilliance!

06.09.2017 TrumuDa Great

I wonder if donald trump has seen this

04.09.2017 Josephine Jones

For the last five months, any time i see pence talking to trump, all i hear is thank you, my prince. Thank you. .

01.09.2017 Shannon Jameson

This made me laugh way too hard

30.08.2017 Isabella Reyes

I don t feel good lol

29.08.2017 Dennis Schneider

What s your name? Xd

27.08.2017 TheRealNoiztYt

How dukan how dukan to your face

25.08.2017 Daniel

Pence after his swearing in i don t feel good

23.08.2017 Chris55433

Oh. . . Surprise! I have some pretzels for you!

20.08.2017 Chris55433

I love how nonchalant justice roberts is when he tells trump to raise his shrunken hand

17.08.2017 Videos spikelink!

The sad thing is that i wul believe most of this if given without context

16.08.2017 Tr3zko

Bravo au peuple americain pour avoir eu l intelligence d lire un grand prsident. En france nous avons lu macron le requin de la finance.

14.08.2017 Timothius Zamora

More like great lipreading

11.08.2017 Madeline Smith

Fun fact the goldfish of preteens never had a chance.

09.08.2017 vaya's show

U should do, keeping up with the kardashians, blr

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