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02.07.2017 nready

I have that edition of big trouble in little china, it s out of print now. Fox also released the abyss in the same packaging.

30.06.2017 TJ Pyramid

Man your lucky to haveflea markets there, none here at all. Great finds. Cheers.

27.06.2017 4kCinemaHD

Great pick ups aaron pynn can t go wrong with buying stuff at the flea market. . . . Trying to go myself here in nyc to a flea market. . . Love the thrill and hunt for something you want. . .

25.06.2017 BeKindRewind

The flea markets are soooo good! ! Big trouble in little china is one of my favourites but i only have a poor dvd version, so i need to update in some way.

23.06.2017 cefiro355

Great stuff! Those thicker dvd s look great, unfortunately i live in nyc so i avoid things like that lol. Thanks for sharing!

22.06.2017 Robert Harding

Nope. . . I wouldn t have passed up shark attack either lol in terms of big box movies. . . Most of the big but not all the original fox releases had big boxes. So all the die hards, independence day, cleopatra, sound of music, abyss. They all had multiple discs which most releases didn t have. Anchor bay also did the big boxes for their disc special editions at the time. The original star trek movies were in them. I do agree in terms of looking at them on the shelf. They clearly scream this is a special release.

20.06.2017 Crooked Rascal

Wayne shuster are fantastic!

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