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11.02.2017 Fox In The Box

Yay first

08.02.2017 Samantha Kitty

Lovely intro and this video really calmed me

06.02.2017 crasi fantazy

I looked on the website to find that jacket you are wearing. However i could not find it, and i really want it! ! Could you maybe leave us a direct link to it?

05.02.2017 Alex Perez

Love you ellie! ! !

02.02.2017 HeyThereKirsty

What s the gorgeous yellow shade you have on your lower lash line?

01.02.2017 shygirlnow2011

Anyone know the american equivalent of primark?

30.01.2017 Little Owl Loves

I m really intrigued by snot girl hahah!

29.01.2017 Little Owl Loves

I freaking love how you filmed this!

27.01.2017 Siobhan Yavanna

I love the editing style a the beginning with the vintage y looking filters, do you mind if i ask how you achieved this look? I think its really cool and effective and would love to achieve something similar on my uni project work, thanks

26.01.2017 Head In The Clouds

Such a calming video! Will definitely try out the perfume

24.01.2017 Sophia G

The way you filmed your video is the same as helen anderson s. . . .

23.01.2017 Queen B

Where did you get your flamingo print tee from please? X

20.01.2017 Kathy Vloggt

I actually love how you made this video. I love the style with your voiceover and the videos products goals for you

17.01.2017 PUNX

I actually wanted to get this but it was wrapped in plastic so you couldn t read it or check it out. You should try rat queens, giant days and i hate fairyland! Pretty good comics

16.01.2017 jaxtels asashin

Okay so i ve never been a fan of favorites videos i kinda see it as a filler video however i love your version of favorite s videos! At least these ones c we re not just seeing you in the camera talking about the things you like but pretty images instead and you talking behind them. In love and the beginning was especially cute

15.01.2017 jaxtels asashin

I m confused, am i hearing you say clue dow? Isn t it just clue? Sorry! Like i said i m confused maybe i ve been saying it wrong my whole life

13.01.2017 MakeupBySarah14

This was a very well made video, can tell you put a lot of work into making it! Love your channel keep the videos coming! ! !

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