Помада блеск для губ 283

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22.02.2017 Fernanda yañez

I just got meli melon and i agree with you, the smell is amazing! ! ! And the color is subtle but you can still see it. I absolutely love it

20.02.2017 OMH

Love this! ! ! New subscriber

19.02.2017 Melissa Cline

Those colors are amazing! Temptation jumping on my head lol

16.02.2017 Andrea #

How many ml comes in the juicy shakers? ?

15.02.2017 Anita H

Mangoes wild is my fav! ! ! ! I loveeee lancome xx

12.02.2017 Laura Dockett

I miss welcome to my face. Love this video so much! I really need some of these for sure

11.02.2017 Ameli Antoinette - Business, Lifestyle, Freedom

Are you a mom? ? ? ! What? ? How old are you? ? You look like a young teenager! ! ! ! Lol great video girl !

08.02.2017 Charlie Foxtrot

Excellent review. Thanks! I m going to purchase. The slow motion tho

05.02.2017 Robyn Taylor

I love these just wish they stayed on the lips a little longer. I ve never had them last any longer than minutes and for the price tag, they should linger a little longer.

03.02.2017 Ariane

Super random, but i think the play on words for cherry symphony is from a cello symphony

31.01.2017 Cynthia Murray

Hahaha. . . Oh girl, you are so funny. I m a mum and i have a daughter who talks like you anyway, thanks for the introduction, that gave me a much better idea where the hack those colour pigments from the advert came from. Well done, girl.

29.01.2017 Glamazon Jess

I like these but i feel like they aren t special enough. I feel like i could just wear a lip gloss over a matte lip and get the same effect. . . They look amazing on you though

26.01.2017 Sam Anders

! ! ! ! Love it!

25.01.2017 joe nguyễn

I love your eyes makeup

23.01.2017 Caroline L.

Thank you for explaing lip oils.

21.01.2017 Marina Cherry

How many hours keep on lips?

18.01.2017 Alelhi Reynoso

Dani make a tutorial of this look. Very spring.

17.01.2017 OnlineGal

As harsh as this comment is going to sound, i feel like weret as funny as you are after you got divorced! Sorry dani, but in my case i wouldnt have subscribed to you before because something is missing from your old videos, like a spark or something. I might even say i become more secure and care free in a good way after that!

14.01.2017 Amanda Cefaratti

I literally think dani is so funny like yas girl bring the puns

11.01.2017 almi27

The applicator tip reminds me of a jumbo crayola marker tip shape wise

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