Помада как у дженнифер лопез

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13.08.2017 simo fes

Elle est trop magnifique! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

11.08.2017 Daniel O

What do her kids think of this?

10.08.2017 Queen Melek

Ya push harder! I do the same, boy wanna feel ya in every way don t even wonder it is. Just a game

09.08.2017 Alias Carthage

Put this on grammy rather on your dick son of the bitch

06.08.2017 Amani Mimi


01.08.2017 Umed Uzakov

I love this song! Jlo you are amazing!

31.07.2017 michela derry

The genre is awful!

27.07.2017 jemimah hilario

Love this songs

24.07.2017 Asya Mays (OCTO-Contractor)

I love this song i could watch it and sing it all day

23.07.2017 Gemeas A Capella

Vendo em ! !

21.07.2017 Marie Bellucci

I can t like this enough

19.07.2017 deepu mohan

Who all hates pitbull like here

17.07.2017 Tony Griffith

Jenny from the block, around the world and living it up!

10.07.2017 emilio cortes

Me gustan las cocletas

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