Guerlain помада b40

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07.02.2017 SparklemissA

Loved this video! ! I love your reddish nails, what brand shade is that? ! I need that mandarin lip color

05.02.2017 LipstickandGlitter

Thanks, arezu! These are dior polishes from the holiday collection. The dark one is diva and the red one is marilyn. I was just raving about them in my october favourites too. I m obsessed with them! ! Mandarin would look stunning on you! ! X

04.02.2017 SparklemissA

Thanks khanumi, lol i went and ordered the chanel one cos my weak spot is definitely lipsticks! I will have to check out the rest of the holiday collection now that i have seen them in a video

02.02.2017 sandygj3

Great video! I actually got my first guerlain rouge g also in bridget and i love! ! So moisturizing! You have a beautiful selection of lipsticks

30.01.2017 maip2005

What a coincidence. . I was thinking recently about purchasing a few new lipsticks for fall, i have been trying to finish up some of the old ones. Lovely video! I will check out guerlain rouge g le brillant, i have loved them in the past. Btw, i went and purchased the dior polish. . The bottle is beautiful! Any ideas of dupes that i can fill it up with once i am done. . I kind of do not even want to use it up because its so pretty.

28.01.2017 maip2005

Forgot to mention, have you tried the bill nye banana powder? I want to check out the rave. . As i am a warm undertone.

26.01.2017 LipstickandGlitter

Yay! ! Let me know how you like it on you. My weak spot is lipsticks too. And blushes! I ve never bought so much dior as i did from this holiday collection lol. . . It just really worked for me. Check out the golden gloss too. . . It looks stunning layered over lipsticks x

23.01.2017 LipstickandGlitter

Thank you! Isn t it gorgeous? ! My lips sing and sigh in relief when i use these lipsticks. I can t get over their lightweight texture. They weigh a ton in your purse though ha ha

22.01.2017 LipstickandGlitter

Which dior polish colour did you get? If it s the red one you got, i d put any other red pick your favourite in it. I love opi s big apple red so i ll probably just pour that one in there. I don t mind if a bit of leftover dior polish gets mixed in with it. If it s the black one you got, then i d just put another dark black based polish in it. I know. . . I was a bit torn over using them up but since i decided to just refill them, i don t mind as much. They are pretty as decor too d

20.01.2017 LipstickandGlitter

I haven t tried anything from ben nye! I m not too familiar with the line, to be honest. I ve heard good things but i just never think to try it out. I actually just saw sparklemissa mention the banana powder too. . . If you end up getting it, let me know what you think! X

17.01.2017 sarahdangerrr

I just can t justify paying over twenty dollars on a lipstick. Revlon has a decent quality, quite the variety, and is very affordable. I d rather save money on a lipstick that is a hair less luxurious than break the bank for a lipstick with fancy packaging. That s just my opinion though. There may be something special about them that you prefer over the drugstore brands.

16.01.2017 LipstickandGlitter

That s the beauty of the makeup industry. . . There s something to suit everyone s budget and individual preferences! I can definitely say that i wouldn t pay for something solely because of packaging. But if the quality is there. . . Beautiful packaging is like the cherry on top. Thanks for watching x

13.01.2017 planet4love


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