Кератиновое выпрямление для афро волос

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12.02.2017 shirajai

Beautiful method!

10.02.2017 TokenLocdChic

Cool method!

08.02.2017 sara m


06.02.2017 Ro Chelle

Omg you are beautiful

05.02.2017 Kayla Butler

So beautiful!

03.02.2017 Tammy Lee

Wow! ! ! That is amazing and looks so awesome d

01.02.2017 Jeannie Vandergrift

Your so ugle

30.01.2017 Kimmy Sunshine

Sideshow bob

28.01.2017 villagebound61

It looks great. .

27.01.2017 Kazzy M

Important question i have natural hair that s very thick. Is it best to blow dry it out before doing all of these amazing braid styles you do for manageability those pesky stubborn edges that fight to lie down lol or, keep doing it the way i ve been having it done all natural pain lmbo . . . It can damage the tip of the hair, right? . . . Thanx

25.01.2017 Kazzy M

Incredible btw

23.01.2017 Tammie Kerr

Can cuban twist hair use

20.01.2017 emmemm

I love this! How long will the pattern last?

18.01.2017 Fremah Agyemang

What moisturizer did you apply

16.01.2017 Jacqueline Taylor

Wow! To cute

15.01.2017 Empress1336

Your so creative!

14.01.2017 Meekee Me


12.01.2017 Caterina Capezzuto

Siete bravissime nel vostro lavoro

10.01.2017 Robin Lofton

I want to use this hair for faux locs

07.01.2017 Ernestina Assor

Very talented love what you do, very creative

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