Макияж актрис в стиле 20х годов

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27.02.2017 car melly

I love it

25.02.2017 Cristina Ivan

It is indeed a make up suited for the screen, however you have to admire the skill of the make up artist! Personally, i would have left the eyebrows not so heavy

23.02.2017 Your Personal Supernova

The hairstyle is off, it lends a more s goth feel. It should have parted on the side and smoothed over, with spit curls. .

21.02.2017 Vanessa Silva

Parece uma coruja ou um panda

20.02.2017 oscillatewildly9


18.02.2017 Roberta Serbelloni Mazzanti Vien Dal Mare


15.02.2017 shreelaxmi1000

Oh god wow

13.02.2017 pixiefairy1974


12.02.2017 marmite400

I ve seen a few s tutorials and this one is the best. Thank you for saving it.

10.02.2017 뱁새

Too dark, she looks like siouxsie sioux.

07.02.2017 Carol Bonetti

This tutorial was my first makeup tutorial about s that a saw amazing

05.02.2017 Sandro Dream

A girl with this make up will broke my heart forever

03.02.2017 elanashafir

Love your work!

01.02.2017 Evija Čaplinska

Soo amazing. . .

31.01.2017 Euryopi

Love this. Beautiful work.

28.01.2017 fortieschic

I love this tutorial i ve copied this look a few times now and it always gets a wow. . . Thankyou for sharing x

25.01.2017 vicky stevenson

That s nice

22.01.2017 Dakota Burgard

Love it

20.01.2017 monjiaitaly


18.01.2017 sprinkleonthesparkle

The eyebrows are too thick here. They never would have been that thick or that heavily drawn back then.

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