Ожен парфюмерия

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06.05.2017 Bashi fish

I used to have like, lala lupsys or whatever. . .

03.05.2017 Barbara Antúnez

It s lalaloopsy not lalapoopsy

02.05.2017 NIALLER GIRL

The whole time i was looking at the dick mug in the background

29.04.2017 Neverland Nights

When you re watching this on lalaloopsy bedspread because you re and living that life lmao

28.04.2017 songsbyMaisie

Anyone else read the mug as dick coz the handle looks like a d

27.04.2017 Sky Pearl

Shh he doesn t need to know it s lalaloopsy

25.04.2017 1kittyvampire

I say do just that

23.04.2017 TwinkaNortiz TheCanadian


21.04.2017 Super Girl

I can t stop laughing

18.04.2017 Alex Strader

The mugs in the background that say undick. . . Me too shane

15.04.2017 iiOhMyIt'sSkyii

Lmao shane, we used to make food in science class. I think you would have loved my class xd

12.04.2017 Jennifer Combe

Wait shane did the dishes? ! ? ! Oh wait my bad different year different shane love ya shane

10.04.2017 Jacksepticeye Trash

Easy bake oven is actually so much better then lala poopsy.

07.04.2017 lol pig

So shane, your frosting literally looks like unicorn semen

06.04.2017 ADRIANA SABIN

Anyone notice shane s reflection in the refrigerator?

05.04.2017 Hương Phạm

Shane omg it kinda looks good if your like literally eat trash me i found my spirit animal

03.04.2017 Madeline Belle

Eternally turning down my brightness on shane dawson videos

01.04.2017 Kaitlyn Soto

I d smash. . . If i was suicidal

30.03.2017 Me me Big boy

Dude, i m pretty sure you put it in the cooling part of the oven. . .

29.03.2017 Ms. Anonymiss

I had an easy bake oven, it sucked. I smashed it with a hammer

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