Помада цвета чили

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20.09.2017 TheEvolvedegg

Wow just like me u hv an effed up upper lip with a non existent cupids bow. . I hv the same shitty upper lip u r pretty love the review n cute cat too

19.09.2017 Hangluah Hatneizou

New sub love chilli

17.09.2017 Sasha M

Yay kitty! ! ! !

15.09.2017 Samar Singh

Girl u deserve a lot more views and subscribers. .

13.09.2017 Sneha Halder

Lady you are so beautiful. . . I am more wheatish, like nc . Though it does oxidize on me. . I am intrigued by chilli all fired up. . Will it look good on my skin tone. . Thanks for the video. . New subscriber

11.09.2017 shivangi singh

Price of these? ?

09.09.2017 lubna s

I like your eye makeup. Could someone tell me the difference between all fired up and relentlessly red?

06.09.2017 Michelle perera

What is the lip liner you applied for velvet teddy

04.09.2017 Michelle perera

Please mention the lip liners also

01.09.2017 Valeria Aylin

Your lips have the most perfect shape! I m jelly! ! You re also very gorgeous

31.08.2017 youtsomo 00

Min for just lipstick. . . . . .

29.08.2017 Aayushi Khurana

Thank you for giving proper lip closeup and not making annoying trying to be cute poses with your lips like many people do in their lipstick videos.

26.08.2017 TheMrf361

Your nails! ! !

24.08.2017 Shwetha Rao

The cat is adorable!

21.08.2017 Julia Johnson

I hate brave, i have very fair skin and it s so dark and looks horrible on me. But it looks fucking bomb on you

20.08.2017 Koyel Das

Can i hold your cat? I go crazy when i see cats n dogs! Meaow

18.08.2017 Pharukh Khan

I luv ths clrs

15.08.2017 Renuka Badoni

Plz subscribe my channel www. Youtube. Com c renukabadoni

12.08.2017 Sansa Giri

Ughhh get a new camera gurl so annoying

11.08.2017 Nora Treviño

I love your cat haha

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