Помада loreal rouge caresse отзывы

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25.01.2017 Joska9j

Thanks for the proffessional review. I discovered your chanel, are you italian?

23.01.2017 Misseffortlesslychic

Thank you for your positive comment. I am glad you found the review helpful. Yes, i am italian

20.01.2017 aka

I have tried the coral one, but i find it so short wearing that i don t bother applying it cause i have to reapply so often. Have you tried ysl sheer candy?

17.01.2017 Misseffortlesslychic

Hi, thanks for the update in the coral one, i will not purchase it then! I have not tried ysl, i must say that i find their products slightly overpriced.

15.01.2017 aka

It is a beautiful color though, but like you said, not very long lasting. . . Overall i would rather save my money and go for dior next time i m sure they have a similiar coral ish color. It s awesome that you give such in depth reviews, i really trust your opinion!

13.01.2017 Misseffortlesslychic

Thank you, you are really nice

11.01.2017 Misseffortlesslychic

Thank you for your lovely comment

10.01.2017 4dEgrEE

You sound french! Love your accent

07.01.2017 Misseffortlesslychic

Thank you for your nice comment. I am italian

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