Urban decay помада indecent

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14.02.2017 christina page

I want these sooo bad! ! ! All the colors look amazing! ! !

12.02.2017 Angela Profitt

Your teeth are looking amazing sam!

09.02.2017 lisettesbeaute

Indecent! Is is similiar to mac immortal flower?

07.02.2017 LuLaRoe Amy Yeary

I want fang so badly! However, i am pretty fair. Worried i will look sunburned lol.

04.02.2017 Natalia Londono

I like the first one i would love to see an updated make up collection video

03.02.2017 Amanda Amanda

Your hair color clashes with your makeup

01.02.2017 sara belcher

What lipgloss are you wearing? ? So pretty!

31.01.2017 rockyourheartandsoul

I think swatching blushes should be done with a brush kuz really. . . That s how itd be put on, just saying. U sam

29.01.2017 BARE

Bang has my name written all over it!

28.01.2017 Katelin Musgrave

Chicken wire!

25.01.2017 Rebecca Lately

I love your pink hair!

22.01.2017 CurvyGrlMakeup

Ugh! Thanks sam! ! Now i gotta get these! ! Oh man!

21.01.2017 Christina Gretzinger

These seem very similar to the instain blushes from the balm.

19.01.2017 Maddie Seager

Please please do a blog post on these blushes! ! Would love to see more close up swatches

17.01.2017 bgenier stjean

Am now watching this video for the second time! Searched for a video on these blushes for swatches and your video came up first

15.01.2017 susiekr

You are gorgeous! ! ! !

14.01.2017 Susan T

I wanted to see these blushers on a fair skin but you don t try them on, you really need to wear them or this is pointless

12.01.2017 Lauren Haggerty

Hahaha like a really good rabbit cage you re so cute sam

10.01.2017 Hannah Hollingsworth

The second you said orgasm your cats head perked up had me lol

07.01.2017 Annonym Immernoch

I have the bang one and love it, also love ur review

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