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19.02.2017 Kelsey K

Which eye shadow quad is that dani?

17.02.2017 Isabella Rose

Hi dani! I just wanted to say that you should include your representative code so people who want to join avon can be part of your team. You are very motivational and would be a great leader. Keep up the good work!

15.02.2017 Miranda McCuistion

So my avon lipsticks arrived the same day as my sephora off haul. First, i tried a burberry lipstick that i ve been wanting all year long. Burberry velvet lipstick in rosewood is a great fall pinky neutral. But then i tried on one of my avon lipsticks and was blown away by the color and texture that was better than many of my high end lipsticks including burberry. It s the most moisturizing wearable lipstick ever, and every shade of the i bought looks amazing! Thanks dani! I think i might as well just go ahead and purchase everything you recommend you do not steer us pandas wrong!

14.02.2017 Tracy Elks

I m going to order berry cute thanks dani!

12.02.2017 Beth Ramirez

So pretty.

10.02.2017 Belinda Hansford

Video has been shared

07.02.2017 Cynthia Grissel

I love your makeup in this video! ! First time watching! Totally subscribing

04.02.2017 Jasmine Porche

Great video! I m a proud avon rep and i looove the lipsticks too

01.02.2017 tango2+

Thank you for making this video, dani! ! I love avon products, they re definitely underrated here. I m looking at becoming a rep. The mascara sounds and looks fantastic xx

31.01.2017 Kim Smith

I ve been selling avon for a few months. It really sells itself. So many wonderful products at very affordable prices. I love avon. It may not be high end, but i find many of the items just as good as the more expensive luxury brands. Thanks for this video, dani! ! ! You are awesome!

28.01.2017 madeline gabriel

Selling avon is a great opportunity and i love it! I m under and i m slowly becoming the new face of avon. I d love to answer any questions or even help guide anyone who is interested in the product or becoming a rep

27.01.2017 Rebecca Barton

I m an avon rep for over years love your video and the lipsticks are amazing! Thank you for making this video. Avon rocks and yes you can make money selling avon! There are discounts codes each week which is awesome!

24.01.2017 Kristina Hendrickson

Thank you for making this video, dani! It s great hearing beauty youtubers talk about avon. It seems like it s a rare occurrence. I think avon products are definitely underrated. Yes, i m an avon rep. I have been for years. It really does make you feel good when you can help others. My grandma, my aunt and my mom sold avon, now it s my turn.

23.01.2017 Sofia M

Jst learned yesterday that avon is pronounced as a one. .

22.01.2017 Annie Stoaks

You should really do the new avon perfectly matte lipsticks i think they come out in campaign and they are actually matte lol

20.01.2017 Naoual Saadaoui

I loove avon lipsticks

18.01.2017 Sweet Ashlie

Hey dani! I am now going to become a rep because i am living at home i take care of my mom now. She has been recently paralyzed from the waist down. So, i want to make myself useful because i want to help with her medical expenses. Thank you for being so positive in this. I was hesitant now i am going full force. Www. Gofundme. Com mbksfafk if you can check out my mom s story that would be great. Love you your videos

15.01.2017 Penny Plank-Newman

Dani, my aunt was an avon representative and i have been one a few times in years. I was a senior in high school when i started it and used money i made to pay for senior activities and such. I started again recently and i will not look back!

13.01.2017 Jihane Er-rmyly

What s the name for the first one lipstick rose move please

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