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27.02.2017 hardtoregisteraname

I have a bottle of allure and the top button has the word chanel skewed on the gold band eg not straight. Could that be fake?

26.02.2017 Tony L

You re no edp is real. The eau fraiche on the left is real. The eau tendre is obviously fake. If you bought it in usa, it will be made in usa, but the fake one says made in france. The key to tell the authenticity is to spray it on a card. Real perfume doesn t stain. Fake does. Also, take a barcode reader and scan the box and see if it scans. Might also add. . . You mentioned how the no smelled differently. If you question it, spray it on a card. Body composition affects the notes. We could both be spraying from the same bottle and it might smell slightly different on you vs me. Again, this has to do with different notes being released.

23.02.2017 ForrealMe2

Watch this please! Https www. Youtube. Com watch? V poa jgomuq

21.02.2017 missqjulie

Yea i was on ebay trying to purchase this but just went to nordstrom. Com to purchase there. Ebay is very tricky!

19.02.2017 Надежда Людмила Ажикелямов

Even the chanel counter has fake ones. . . . I once went to get the n . . And when i got home, i tried to spray it but it wouldn t work, it was so difficult to press it because it wouldn t spray. . . . When i took it to the chanel counter, the lady was suprized that she had given me the display by accident

16.02.2017 chanah adri

My authentic chanel no premiere has the number down so no that s no new thing to put number up. The box as you said is not shaped like fake one and barcode is on bottom not on the back. All signs you raise are really not on my authentic one so it looks they can be really fake. Or they are ussualy done for arabs or african countries and can be little bit diffrent. . . . So they can be original but second class quality. . Made cheaper. . .

15.02.2017 EVAN SWIFT

Idk my chanel no is real or fake. . I bought from thrift shop. They said it is real and according to me it is from physical. . . But deep i still worried im buying the fake one, coz the price is so expensive

14.02.2017 Dave Mustaine

Do not purchase from strawberry lane on ebay. . . Aka martina williams shame on you for continuing to sell this fake crap ms mr williams. Recently purchased one of these knock offs blue de chanel on ebay. While this specimen did have the magnetic cap and raised double c inside all the other tell tales including the smell are present. No serial anywhere on the bottle, poor quality glass scratches, distortions, uneven cheap sprayer with scratches, wrong color and chipped lettering on bottle. The. Bottle is painted and the transparent blue will scratch off with a little effort. . . Etc. . . Etc. Please be careful if you plan to purchase anywhere other then your local department store.

12.02.2017 Dae S

Lol. You re funny! The way you describe the chanel chance eau frache. . . I got mine at costco last summer, and everything looks like in perfect condition and on point except for the left side. It s not as even as the right outer corner so i wonder if it s legit. Also, the dotted number is on the bottom. . .

09.02.2017 Connie H

Fragrance is like food, it can change with the way it has been kept. The ingredients can change over time. The only really real way to make sure that these are authentic or not is to go to chanel. They can help you determine true authenticity. This way you will know for sure. Or if you can, go to a university and ask if they have any students who are in the chemistry department to check their chemical make up and that would be interesting to see what they discovered.

06.02.2017 Henry Pacheco

Why would u buy this way to just be wondering

04.02.2017 GloBall89

I would say the eau fraiche on the left was real. I bought the eau fraiche and eau tendre from macys and got mine as reference to compare urs and it looked authentic. Mine has the batch numbers in the top back dotted as well, the bottom silver piece also was the same. . . Same box and color.

01.02.2017 summe66

Two months ago, i purchased a bottle at the macy s in victorville, california. It has made in france and is as fake as can be. The reason that i bought it is because my daughter recently bought me a bottle that i liked. I received many compliments of how nice it smelled. The one she bought me was pink. The one i purchased in california had a slightly peach color. When i examined the bottle, all the writing was exactly the same, however, i noticed that the one my daughter bought me at the macy s in houston, texas had made in the u. S. A, and the fake one from california had, coco mademoiselle chanel paris. Under the bottom was eau de parfum, made in france, chanel chanel, paris neuilly sur seine, n, y. , n. Y. . The genuine one from houston, texas had the exact same thing written on the bottle with exception to the word france, it stated, u. S. A. I would have expected the one from france to be genuine, but i was very mislead. I even sprayed nearly . Th of the bottle on a rag. And after an hour, the smell had disappeared. Therefore, before you waste your money, look for the pink color instead of the peachy pink color. On second thought, they may step up their game and make knock off pink fakes

31.01.2017 Theresa Tucker

Yea ur absolutely right. I have the green one chanel chance and the inside tube doesn t have any bulges. I don t have any code on top. Guess some department stores do that for theft. But overall i say if u really like something just get the original

28.01.2017 Somting Wong

Where did you buy the tester one? Thanks

27.01.2017 ForrealMe2

Check this out! ! Toofaced issues. . Be forwarned buy from sephora or ulta i had another issue with toofaced the make up brand not honoring their orders. I m finding i m not the only one with orders! Https www. Youtube. Com watch? V ebnndjyuklq feature youtu. Be

25.01.2017 john doe

The channel number is fake.

24.01.2017 Kim Yo

Hello, i was wondering if anyone out there could answer my question. I know should have just bought it at the store but who doesn t look for a deal. I m trying to figure out if my . Oz mademoiselle bottle is fake. All i need to know is does coco chanel mademoiselle . Oz come in the original form bottle like the bigger bottle or do they not make the . Oz in that size bottle? Please answer if anyone knows. Thanks

23.01.2017 Geethan Rayan

I just bought a coco chanel from ebay. . Its so so so bad. . The bottom of the bottle says it is nade in france. . Seriously. . . And the cap and the sticker on the front of the bottle. . Are so obvious. . I wanted to give the seller a negative rating, but it was blocked, saying i have to wait for days. . Because the seller is a powerseller. . What a joke

20.01.2017 Sasha Davidge

Dose i mean it fake when it said made in usa

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