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19.09.2017 DA2THFA1RY

I picked up the pierre cardin pour monsieur cologne from a drug store at a very large discount, it has a very interesting smell

17.09.2017 Owen G

Can cologne replace deodorant? Use both? That s always a question i ve had and i d love an answer

14.09.2017 alex55n9ne

I have a collection of different colognes i never knew how to properly use them every time i spray them on i rub it on my arms this video really helped

12.09.2017 Beltramini Basile

I don t have a dad. You and alpha m are my substitutes, teaching me how to dress, behave and be the gentlman my girlfriend now loves. Thank you for making me a man.

10.09.2017 T3Survival

I didn t know i am not supposed to spray cologne on my clothes.

08.09.2017 Aman Chuwan

Great vdo. Can yu explain how to use deodorant vs antiperspirant vs fragrance in upcoming vdo.

06.09.2017 Joseph Gabaldon

Thank you for your video. Very well organized and presented, no wonder why so many folks are watching. Keep them coming!

04.09.2017 Bean dahbest

Excellent presentation and information. You have a gift for this and i m definitely interested in learning more. Thanks alot.

03.09.2017 Erick Murillo

Broke it down nice, good tips.

31.08.2017 Noli Martinez

This is just beautiful and amazing. I m a sucker for perfumes and its really good to know some points to ponder. Thank you for sharing.

30.08.2017 Arun Kumar

Not to apply on cloths? Really? ?

27.08.2017 thetarheelscoach

This was a good video im and im just getting into fragrances

26.08.2017 Liam Bourne

Antonio, would it be appropriate to use different fragrances at the same time? What are the pros and cons of this? Would be great if you could reply to my question. Great video by the way. I ve taken away some great tips from this, thank you

23.08.2017 Tyler Cruz

Thank you for the useful information. I use a vaporizer to carry my edt around, and many times struggle when i have to change a fragrance as the bottle will have residual smells of the previous fragrance. It would be nice if you could show how we can properly recycle a fragrance vaporizer bottle. Cheerios.

21.08.2017 MushadX

What about axe sprays for more active people, or rather what do you wear in hot weather when your sweating?

18.08.2017 Will Brown

Great info

16.08.2017 Hanggara Pangestitama

Do you guys know other brands that has a similarity fragrance like salvatore ferragamo acqua essenziale? ? ? Please let me know

13.08.2017 SmashAdams

My only issue is the whole over spraying thing. It really depends on the scent its note breakdown, your body, the weather season, the setting, and the solution to determine how many sprays you need. Ysl l homme requires sprays to be anything more than a skin scent after hour on my skin. Paco robanne s million takes sprays and it lasts and projects for hours.

12.08.2017 Sulav Shakya

And i never knew i was using cologne as i was using it wrong lik e a body spray. . . . . . . Pour homme is my father s and my signature scent

09.08.2017 Sulav Shakya

Thanks for the help sir

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