Парфюмерию коко модерн

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16.07.2017 ASTER

The top of your forehead looks like dirty, because you didn t blend it good

14.07.2017 Shatha

I like this background

13.07.2017 jenni eveliina

You re probably my fave youtuber i always enjoy your content! !

11.07.2017 Baljot Johal

Love the black!

09.07.2017 BasicallyJulia

Holy sh t your video quality has improved so much! U look amazing

06.07.2017 Ela M


05.07.2017 Anna Blaney

I love your new nail color! ! ! ! ! !

03.07.2017 Mel Q.

Te maquillas hermoso! ! Saludos desde colombia

02.07.2017 molly stilling

You re awesome, but i feel like you do the same exact look every time

30.06.2017 Alex Coyle

What brush do u use to highlight?

28.06.2017 Ayesha Nadeem

This is so stunning! !

26.06.2017 Elise Baker

I like this backdrop better than the black one

25.06.2017 Lexi Ippolito

I fucking love glitter so much thank you

23.06.2017 Lexi Ippolito

What music is this

21.06.2017 Salma Nahhas

Browww rutineee! !

19.06.2017 Keziah Gonzales

I like your new backdrop

17.06.2017 Jimin The Cutie

You re a mini kathleen lights tbh

16.06.2017 Brighton Fakier

I love your videos so much! Your gorgeous and amazin at makeup, don t let the haters bring you down girl!

14.06.2017 Carmel Agata

You re really pretty wichout make up

12.06.2017 Mallory Armstrong

Your inner corner

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