Секреты макияжа николь шерзингер

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28.08.2017 Snitchich

She has the finest body whatsoever. . . ! ! !

25.08.2017 lipglossgirlja

Lolz this is why i dont listen to hairdresser most of them are badminded

22.08.2017 DamianLuigi B

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20.08.2017 Jhelvy Pabriga

I am one of your your huge fan nicole! Hehehehh can you make a video tutorial about your make up? ? Hehehehe please nicole. . Thanks!

19.08.2017 Dinara Imangaliyeva

There is smth unnatural about her smile. . Not sure if it s her nose or those lines that go from her nose to lips. . She looks angry even when she smiles. .

17.08.2017 TheIronnia

I won t be proud of it if i were you

15.08.2017 xindy fuzan

Looks just like kim kardashian eukk! !

13.08.2017 Mario Cardona

Ew she does not look like kim k

12.08.2017 Glutton For Sex

She always was a gorgeous hottie.

09.08.2017 KitschBug

Tip be nicole scherzinger. Whyyyyyyy is she so fabulous! ?

06.08.2017 TheZombiiieGirl

For the top layer bang area, does she flip in or out to style?

03.08.2017 lorraindoll

Wow her hair

01.08.2017 BrentK57

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31.07.2017 CleoGirlify

Her make up is sooooo beautiful! Luv it

29.07.2017 Synaesthesia, The

Ela mwrh nikol theara

28.07.2017 ksuresh25

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26.07.2017 Paris Nuku

Put a little this on a little that spend hours doing your hair and make up psssshhh ain t nobody got time for that

24.07.2017 Mahfuzur Rahman

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22.07.2017 RealJessiJackalope

Love her. Stunning but also very real. Down to earth. She rocks

20.07.2017 RiHa NNa

Nicole always stunning

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