Туманный макияж для глаз

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15.09.2017 Strappo butchy

You re like the bob ross of makeup

13.09.2017 Paula Dobžanska

She s so adorable!

12.09.2017 mina

She s so beautiful

09.09.2017 bibi

I love all the other videos of her but not this. I still like her but this look isn t that pretty. She looks gorgeous but that green color seems not working for her

07.09.2017 Marika Gazzella

Wow, im wondering what she is thinking about while doing this tutorial. She has such a warm, radiant and sincere smile, it reminds me kind of the smile that mothers have for their kids when they show them their first paintings look what i ve done, mummy! ! ! Wow, great job honey, it s sooo beautiful! Let s stick that one to the wall, so we can look at it, ok?

05.09.2017 Karin Vargas

You know you won t look like that but you like to see her and her perfect soft skin

02.09.2017 Amber Nguyen

The first thing in common with a few weeks. I have a good idea, i think it was not able the best. If i could get to see the light, the more the same thing as well,

01.09.2017 man gg


29.08.2017 Zobia Akhter

You are so beautiful

27.08.2017 Jakyung Rhee

How could they find this beautiful model? And where? I think she doesn t need to use chanel. She would be great even when she wares baby powder or flour only.

23.08.2017 Claire D.

She is so beautiful

21.08.2017 Jiyoung Kang

She s so charming!

18.08.2017 missqjulie

Omg she is perfect.

17.08.2017 Sara Lance

Too much photoshop and editing in this video. I cant see the models skin! The colors are great but its still false advertising.

15.08.2017 Ainsley Ameerali

This girl is such a cutie pie. . . More yummy than kendall jenner

13.08.2017 zineb zineb

So cute

11.08.2017 Louis-Henri BAILLET

I love this makeup! And the model is very cute.

09.08.2017 Angharad Williams

Omg, shoot me this is so depressing

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