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17.02.2017 Brownbeautysimor

Lovely video hun, really enjoyed. . .

16.02.2017 HeyGorgeousxxx

Exciting! Swatches would defiantly have to be my favourite thing to watch on youtube! Makes me want to spend money though! Haha, thanks for this asha really helps! Xx

13.02.2017 Tina May

Lethal red looks gorgeous on you! How do these compare to the kat von d everlasting liquid lipsticks?

12.02.2017 mienxien lovelies

I will buy ur pick! Love ur taste!

10.02.2017 laurababyseal kuutti

I just love bright lipscolors, especially the last one fragile ego was superb, deffinitely going to get one of those i have used many estee lauder foundations but i haven t tried their lipproducts yet

09.02.2017 MArisha Shah

I dont understand your language

06.02.2017 Bettina Martin

Really nice video, just wish your lightening was better, can barely see the colors

03.02.2017 Mahdia Alom

I think i m in love, they are just beautiful colours!

31.01.2017 Ankita Daulath

I like your accent hey i work for estee lauder, and your description is spot on!

29.01.2017 Janine Picton

Hi so these are not sticky! ! !

26.01.2017 Hani Namirra Abdul Nasir

The quiet riot looks good on you! ! I might buy one!

24.01.2017 Isolde L

You re so, so pretty!

22.01.2017 Sa UDUDI

I love your accent it s soawesome er meh god i love it!

20.01.2017 Ingrid Normann

This is the best lip makeup ever for me d

17.01.2017 Bumble Bee

Omg all of them just look soo dayum sexy on u iiitttt

15.01.2017 angie curran

You look great in all the red tones!

12.01.2017 Cristal D.

Omg. . . I love them all! ! !

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