Парфюмерия annick goutal eau de chloe

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13.02.2017 Jessica Mullens

Alien by thierry mugler, mediterranean honeysuckle by aerin, gardenia tuberrose by este lauder private collection, lust by lush, malabah by penhaligons and desire the one by dolce and gabbana. Plus many others, but those are my faves!

10.02.2017 Lisa M-Q

Thank you for sharing.

08.02.2017 Sue Taylor

Outstanding collection! , best one ive seen on you tube! We have very similar tastes. I adore narcisso rodriguez for her this time of year and chanel no for those holiday get together. Coco mademoiselle is my signature sent for all occasions and work as well. I love all your videos, merry christmas

06.02.2017 ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

I always come back to this video for a bit of calm!

03.02.2017 John Williams

You rubbed! You killed the molecules. Never rub!

02.02.2017 Katherina Pappas

Hello sali. It s an absolute pleasure to meet you. I m so glad to have found you. You are so beautiful, smart, so informative and poetic at the same time. New subscriber and so excited. Thank you for this channel. I mostly have no clue and you just take me through it. You are so grammatically graceful. Much love from california

30.01.2017 Ariana

Omggg! Your voice sounds so calm! . . . . Love this video

29.01.2017 Natalie N

The ysl rive gauche that is sold these past yrs is not the original formula. It is nowhere near as good as it was in the s

27.01.2017 Carolyn s

Love allure and coco madamoiselle. . . Also love interlude bath and body oil by frances denny. The perfume was my mom s and is about years old. I keep it in a drawer and it stills smell the same as it did yrs ago.

25.01.2017 EndaStory

That s quite a modest collection for someone who really loves perfume tbh

22.01.2017 Summeroflondon

Rive gauche is incredible!

21.01.2017 Summeroflondon

Guerlain mandarin basilic is amazing for the summer

19.01.2017 Jake RaptorBadger

I love how a lot of those are actually not parfums. Someone who is obsessed with scent should know that. I m a guy and i wear many parfums including no. And many toilettes like diptyque and colognes like all of the jo malones.

17.01.2017 Carla Mitchell

Loved this video, i wish she would list the perfumes in the box below, sometimes it is hard to understand the names in her beautiful british accent.

15.01.2017 knittingdoula

I ve used this wonderful video as the starting point for my scent education. Because of sali s influence, i m now a fan of jo malone, have ordered a sample set from atelier cologne, and may order rive gauche for the simple nostalgic fun of it. More than copying sali, though, i have tried to follow my nose and heart when choosing scents, and not pay too much attention to snobbish fads and custom. Though i admit to absolutely loving chanel no. I m willing to be an occasional lemming.

13.01.2017 Michelle Htz

Im not even a perfume buff but i love hearing sally talk about these.

10.01.2017 Gina Miller

When you said you dropped the bottle of la tulipe, i almost cried! ! It is my most recent favorite. I have a very difficult time with fragrances because most give me a terrible headache and i have to scrub them off immediately. I got a sample and when i wore it several times without getting sick i purchased the bottle. I enjoyed your review, i have that i rotate. I keep them on a tray on my dresser wear them daily even if i m not going anywhere. I don t keep them only for special occasions. As far as fragrance goes, everyday is special.

08.01.2017 Joanne EnnaJo kimChi

No shalimar

06.01.2017 Vallauris 22

The fact that they re placed in a mantlepiece where they can easily be knocked off gives me anxiety just looking at it

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