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26.02.2017 Squidney

Finds out ariana grande s favorite food is cocoa puffs calls mom hey can you get me boxes of cocoa puffs please?

25.02.2017 kelly ho

Lol i was eating coco puffs watching this

23.02.2017 Lynn Hathorn

Proof that katy perry is bat shit crazy.

20.02.2017 IzzyLovesCake123

Mushrooms are made of cow poop

17.02.2017 Alheljulia Alan Helena Julia

I hate mushrooms to

14.02.2017 Suzanne Provost Flanders

Joey you brighten my spirit so much i have to turn it down

13.02.2017 Fall Boy

I love his intro

11.02.2017 Fall Boy

I love his intro

09.02.2017 Jessica Lane

I don t like mushroom s either joey we are together on that.

07.02.2017 Ava R

Love you

06.02.2017 Queen Kallyanna

The intro

03.02.2017 Savage Raccoon

I love that background

01.02.2017 Omar Elrefaei

I hate cocopops

29.01.2017 Breanna Alvarado

I really don t like cocoa puffs

26.01.2017 Sojansetly

He says they re suddenly best friends with taylor. I suddenly subscribe.

24.01.2017 Cara Sellwood

I taylor swift

22.01.2017 Jazmin Tapia

Adventure time

19.01.2017 Luckyduck64

I love brownies and ice cream its my life

17.01.2017 Thats_ Tianna

I think i died when joey thought ariana was from disney

16.01.2017 Nađa Poltoracki

He has dan and phil s book in backrownd

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