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08.04.2017 Amanda Jane

I ve been feeling the same way about lipsticks. One ysl oil i m stick lipstick and now i ve practically abandoned matte liquid lipsticks in favor of sheer tinted balms with gorgeous packaging. I bet you d really like ysl beige tribute oil in stick and dioraddict lipstick in bold. They re nice sheer mlbb colors and so moisturizing!

07.04.2017 Susan Nadler

The coral color is so lovely! !

04.04.2017 JR12345167

For a tinted lip balm? No, thanks!

02.04.2017 YBizzy1

I have super dry lips and fine lines. I bought one and i am so glad i did! It hydrates my lips and leaves a gorgeous colour! Even when the lipstick is gone, your lips are still stained. Plus it is really hydrating! I have the color number . I will probably buy more colours but you don t need all of them because a lot of shades are really similar. I have an orange one and i will buy a pink one next.

01.04.2017 Christine Obleanda

I believe it s the ysl signature mango scent.

30.03.2017 Ellen Anderson

Ok i know you re testing lipstick but i cannot tear my eyes away from your gorgeous eyeshadow! I need to try recreating this peach look with a little yellow? !

27.03.2017 Lidia Sánchez González

Hi emily! I love your chanal, it s so nice i m looking for one lipstick long lasting and does not feel dry in my lips they are so dry! . I m between stila all day liquid lipstick, sephora lip cream stain, abh liquid lipstick. . . And now ysl. What is your favorite for dry lips? Thanks so much!

26.03.2017 Du'A Aziz

Hi i love your videos! You are my role model i too want to study law in university. Can you please do a make up collection? Sorry if you have already done one x

24.03.2017 Emilee Bishop

I would love a tutorial on how you make your diy lipstick organizer out of the boxes!

21.03.2017 Rachel Underwood

Love the video! ! ! I recently saw photos of actresses wearing frosted lipsticks that looked amazing and not like the s and i was wondering if you have any recommendations for beautiful frosted lipsticks especially a red or would you make a video of them?

20.03.2017 Melissa Marcelloni

I m not sure if it was this video or the other one where you talk about these maybe it was your sephora haul but when you said that the annabelle lipsies were the closest thing to these i ran to shoppers and picked a few of those up! I am seriously impressed with those and can t believe i hadn t tried them before! ! ! Haven t tried the ysl ones yet.

18.03.2017 kittish 121290

Very lovely lipsticks! If you get more colors i d love more swatches.

15.03.2017 Nis N.

Love the one that looks like a fleshlight

13.03.2017 heidi foss

I really love the smell of ysl lipsticks!

11.03.2017 bonbonzz

They look so comfy!

09.03.2017 Melissa Elhardt

Each color is beautiful on you. But i think the rose one is the prettiest. I use the less expensive l oreal le balm lipsticks, which i love. I think i will get at least one of the ysl balms to compare.

08.03.2017 Lippy Eve

Love this look on you, emily! Makeup on point

05.03.2017 Kari T. Says

I have a bad obsession with collecting ysl lipsticks in these tubes. I was going to skip on please but now you make me want them! Lol

02.03.2017 JulieBee

Loooooove the ysl lip shines! I have and adore them, unfortunetly i m going cruelty free and i haven t found a dupe for them they absolutly look gorgeous on you emily

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