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12.02.2017 Hailee Roxana

Its aighhtt, lolllll xd

10.02.2017 erica shannon

Unfortunately we live in a world of extremely toxic chemicals which corporations use in the very make up that goes on our skin and into our organs and immune system. Over time women accumulate these parabens and other toxic chemicals into their bodies, skin, breast tissue, etc and this causes cancer. Not saying i don t appreciate the beautiful looks make up gives but is it beauty worth dying for? No way. The only way to keep from accumulating toxic chemicals in your body is to reduce the chemicals altogether by not buying them, using them andturning a blind eye. There are alternatives without the chemicals but women need to re think their standard of beauty choosing health over toxic cosmetics.

07.02.2017 emma c

If you pat in your foundation and not rub the brush really hard and fast it gives any foundation more coverage and it lasts longer

05.02.2017 Jalaleddine Guedd

Have you heard about forever living s amazing products? Nature knows best. Everywhere you look in nature you find balance, harmony, life, and renewal. Our planet holds a world of secrets just waiting to be discovered. From the industrious honeybee and the exquisite mangosteen fruit to the rejuvenating aloe vera plant, each bountiful element is meant to balance and improve our lives. Experience the difference of forever living s products infused with pure aloe vera gel and many other beneficial botanicals, these products will give you something unexpected. Energy. Vibrancy. Wellness. You ll notice it right away and others will too. The difference is only natural! Try yours today! Check it out at http www. Foreverliving. Com? Store usa distribid

04.02.2017 lynette longmire

It look nice i bought it and hope i will nit breakout from it. Because i love my mineral make up because it looks natural on me for over years now, that s why i do not have so many breakouts on my skin. Thsx for the review. Xoxolynette

03.02.2017 Marleth Ángel

You are amazing, we love you. So true, the worst foundation ever, my dry skin hate it too.

01.02.2017 Tinker Diggens

Luv how she says baych. I also love this foundation

30.01.2017 Stephanie Veasman

Loved your review! ! Thank you! ! !

28.01.2017 Rachel

I really want to try this foundation but i agree i don t like how yellow all the shades seem! Maybe i just have to try it and see.

25.01.2017 Yesenia Hernandez

What color did you get?

23.01.2017 Maria E. Brennan

I have it its way heavy looking switched to age rewind by maybline nice and light

22.01.2017 Louis Ortiz

I love this foundation i feel the powder makes the pores look smaller. I feel i get full coverage so do a lot of other you tubers. This is the best foundation i ve tried in twenty years. It s strange that you started to compare it to revlon cooler stay i wore that for twenty years before i found this i do have oily skin if i had dry skin i wouldn t like it. I thought it looked great on you. Yes i m a woman my husbands name shows up keep up the good work! ! ! !

20.01.2017 Baileystyles

It applies so much better with a beauty blender and it s a lot more natural looking but still pretty good coverage

18.01.2017 Tiffany Johancen

You have the same color tone as me try number

15.01.2017 tania garcia

I love this foundation

12.01.2017 BeautyAddict92

Oh my gosh you re ? I thought you were about you look so young xx

11.01.2017 Jeanette Thomas

It looks good on you and i don t think you look like your wearing makeup or powder.

10.01.2017 Angel Marandola

Codrgirl your a nasty person to say such a flight comment you need to go to church and use holy water to wash out your flight mouth shame on you god don t like ugly!

07.01.2017 Angel Marandola

The words flithy

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